Fujiaire Air Conditioners

price list in Malaysia November 2019

View the latest prices of Fujiaire Air Conditioners for November 2019 : Fujiaire 1.0HP (R410A) FP09C9B-2A1N Portable Type Air-Conditioner (New Design), FUJIAIRE Air Conditoner 1.5hp (R410A) Skin Series - KIDS 0001, FUJIAIRE Aircon Remote Control 20-0027-ZH-JT01-03 Replacement, FUJIAIRE Aircon Remote Control ZH-JT03 Replacement, Fujiaire FF25C9M-2A1N Floor Standing Split Type Air-Conditioner 2.5 HP, Fujiaire 1.5HP (R410A) Air Conditioner FW/FL15C9K Wall Mount Non Inverter(Skin Series-PLAY0002)...

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