Toshiba Refrigerators

price list in Malaysia December 2019

View the latest prices of Toshiba Refrigerators for December 2019 : Toshiba GR-A66M (S) 661L 2-Doors Inverter Fridge / Refrigerator, TOSHIBA GR-AG48MDZ(XK) 480L INVERTER 2 DOOR REFRIGERATOR *SIMILAR R-VG490P8M, New : Toshiba 357L LED Hybrid Deodorizer Inverter Fridge GR-AG43MDZ (XK) (Peti Sejuk), Toshiba GR-A28MS(S) 252L 2 Doors Inverter Fridge Refrigerator - Ag+ Bio Deodorizer (Silver), Toshiba GR-H52MBZ(N) 520L 2 Doors Inverter Fridge Refrigerator - Hybrid Bio Deodorizer, Toshiba 2 Doors / Fridge (Inverter) TSB-GRAG58MAGG...

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