Panasonic Refrigerators

price list in Malaysia February 2020

View the latest prices of Panasonic Refrigerators for February 2020 : PANASONIC NR-BL268PSMY FRIDGE 2 DOORS G262L ECONAVI INVERTER STAINLESS, PANASONIC ECONAVI Inverter Multi Door Refrigerator 547L NR-CY557GKMY (BLACK), PANASONIC NR-BV329XSMY 322L 2-Door Bottom Freezer Fridge/Refrigerator, PANASONIC 407L 2DOOR INVERTER FRIDGE NR-BD418PS NR-BD418PSMY, Panasonic Refrigerator Defrost Thermostat ST-3 2Wire, PANASONIC NR-BL389PSMY 2DR FRIDGE 392L...

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