Hitachi Refrigerators

price list in Malaysia December 2019

View the latest prices of Hitachi Refrigerators for December 2019 : Hitachi R-V710P7M-1 New Big 2 Stylish Series 601L Refridgerator, (AUTHORISED DEALER) HITACHI R-VG710P3M GBK 601L 2 DOOR GLASS INVERTER FRIDGE, (NEW) HITACHI R-WB850P5M XGR 700L INVERTER 4 DOOR FRENCH BOTTOM FREEZER REFRIGERATOR, Hitachi Nett Inverter Fridge R-H240P4M 203L ( Silver ), (NEW) HITACHI R-M800GP2M GBK (GLASS BLACK) SIDE BY SIDE 3 DOOR 651L INVERTER FRIDGE, Hitachi 450L 2 Door Inverter Refrigerator Fridge R-VG580P3M...

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